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Legal Counsel and Representation for Your Creative Works, Intellectual Property and Entertainment Business and Ventures

Protecting the products of your creativity today requires navigating a labyrinth of state and federal laws and agencies. Copyright and Trademark, State Publicity Rights, and a host of common law doctrines all interact in an increasingly complex web of protections and prohibitions for utilizing your creative endeavors for your benefit. And the contracts and business deals to get your genius out to the public are just as complex and dependent on a complicated collection of laws and doctrines.

To get the most out of your artistic expressions, be it your primary music, art, film, photography, prose, poetry, or your name, persona, brand or personality, you need the help of a professional. We can help you with all of it. We can show you how to protect, nurture and develop your creative intellectual property and brand products, so that you can enjoy the fruits of your creative labors that you deserve. From registration, to licensing and sale, to litigation, we are your full service entertainment law, licensing and litigation law firm.