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Of Counsel

Osinski Law works with the following independent associating attorneys to handle your licensing, litigation and entertainment law matters across the West.

Erik T. Krening, Esq.

Admitted Washington, Idaho and Colorado
Contact Erik at erik.krening@osinskilaw.com

With nearly 30 years experience and hundreds of trials under his belt, Eric has the steady hand needed for any courtroom. After spending years as an Ida County (Idaho) prosecutor on both the criminal and civil sides, Eric went on to expand his practice in the private sector taking on federal and state school and employment law and governmental actions of all kinds. He also took on criminal defense and other plaintiff’s trial work in a host of legal fields throughout the west. A graduate of the University of Washington and Idaho Law, Eric makes his home in Tacoma while representing clients throughout the west whenever a heavy hitter is needed in the courtroom. He has worked with Osinski Law Offices as its master of trial work for the past several years.

Adam Sostrin, Esq.

Admitted California
Contact Adam at adam.sostrin@osinskilaw.com


Adam Sostrin, Esq., has been practicing law for over a decade. Before that, Adam graduated with honors from U.C. Santa Barbara and finished up his education at U.C. Hastings. He began his career with the San Bernardino Public Defender and Los Angeles County Alternate Public Defender’s Office. Afterwards, he started a private defense practice handling misdemeanor and felony cases and certain civil matters. Adam now focuses on bond law matters specific to the bail industry, criminal law, and consults on marijuana-related issues. He also loves to play chess with his clients. As Osinski Law’s go-to guy in California, he is there whenever anything in the Sunshine State turns to the courts. Be it as local counsel or running the show, Adam has California covered.