Thomas T. Osinski

Thomas T. Osinski Jr., Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) No. 34154, is an entertainment law, licensing and litigation lawyer in Washington state.

Thomas T. Osinski, Jr. | Attorney at Law | Osinski Law Offices PLLC | Licensing, Litigation and Entertainment Law LawyerBelow is some information you may like to know about me as your lawyer. Back in my law school days, I clerked with The First Amendment Place, the leading First Amendment rights firm in the west. With just one attorney and an intern (me), we took on a matter against a Park Avenue firm, 700 attorneys strong—and WON!

That experience taught me a lesson I carry with me to this day, which is that:

One determined lawyer can stand up to an army of them on the other side because the law is the great equalizer.

As an entertainment law, licensing and litigation lawyer, my first priority to you is always to give a fair assessment of the situation, efficient representation and assertive defense of your rights in any matter I handle on your behalf, be it in a transaction, negotiation or litigation.

I have a tremendous love of learning and am even famous for hating not knowing something. If asked a question, even casually, I will usually research the answer later if I do not know it. Doing my best to know a little bit about everything helps me see options and angles for whatever your situation may be.

I’m also a creative thinker who is always looking at the big picture for any long-term implications for you. I look for unique and innovative solutions to your challeges, be it in litigation, negotiating agreements or helping steer your business or career generally. It’s not just about solving your issues now, or even avoiding issues in the future, but to have the best possible outcome long-term, adjusting as things change.

As I move into my second decade of lawyering and focusing on litigation and licensing, I am able to help creative people and entrepreneurs safeguard and capitalize on the hard won fruits of their labors. If you are facing a tough lawsuit as a defendant, need to prosecute one to secure your rights as a plaintiff, need to craft or negotiate an agreement to license your creativity across any medium, or need sound advice to set up and or operate the business of your creativity as an ongoing concern, I am the attorney for you.

Some lawyers ask “why” when their clients want to accomplish something, but I am proud to ask “why not” instead. The following quote (my all-time favorite) best sums up my philosophy about the work I do for you:

“I don’t want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do. I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do.” —J. P. Morgan

Admitted to:

  • Washington State Bar Association, WSBA #34154
  • Washington State Courts
  • United States District Court for the Western District of Washington
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Special Licenses & Designations:

  • Attorney Mediator, Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution
  • Founding Member, Clear Channel Communications Northwest Community Advisory Board


  • Juris Doctor (with a Certificate of Concentration in Litigation)
    University of California Hastings College of the Law
    San Francisco CA – 2002
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
    University of Washington
    Seattle WA – 1999
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
    University of Washington
    Seattle WA – 1999