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Groundbreaking Method of Musician Funding

Queensrÿche: New Album on PledgeMusic

I am very happy to be a part of my client Queensrÿche’s solicitation of direct investment in the business of the band.

No musical entity of this caliber has ever allowed qualified investors the opportunity to have an equity stake and share in the rewards.

Instead of an all-encompassing 360 type deal with a label or management company, Queensrÿche has gone directly to its fans to let them be the ones who take part in their resurgence, thus, giving a unique opportunity to the fans and maintaining their independence.

This is also combined with a PledgeMusic campaign so that fans from all walks of life can participate as much as they wish, too, from pre-ordering a CD to having Queensrÿche play their private event, and many points in between.

This is unprecedented access to this band, an unprecedented way for them to move forward. It is exactly the kind of unique and interesting project I love to engage in with my clients.


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