Representative Clients

Below are a few of our representative clients for whom we provide business, intellectual property, publicity rights, licensing, litigation and entertainment industry legal services.


The multiplatinum and Grammy nominated band went through a very nasty public breakup with their original lead singer in 2012. Osinski Law Offices represented the band throughout the lawsuit during this challenging period. Eventually the entire matter was resolved, and the band continues on with their new lead singer to much acclaim and success. Osinski Law Offices continues to serve as general counsel to Queensrÿche, helping them out with a myriad of legal needs as they move forward with this new chapter in their career.

Rockin Artwork

Formerly dba HendrixArtwork, Rockin Artwork specializes in images and likenesses of famous musicians including Jimi Hendrix. It creates, commissions, and licenses unique images for everything from posters and t-shirts to high-end giclee and limited edition prints. It is operated by CEO Andrew Pitsicalis and Leon Hendrix (brother of Jimi Hendrix). Osinski Law Offices PLLC represents Rockin Artwork In litigation and serves as its general counsel.

Hendrix Original Art Expressions

Jimi Hendrix is well known for his phenomenal musical talent, but he also created amazing visual pieces as well. Hendrix Original Art Expressions owns several of his stunning original psychedelic visual pieces and sells them as gallery-quality art in their own right and licenses them to adorn instruments, clothing and more. Osinski Law Offices PLLC serves as HOAE’s licensing attorney, writing and enforcing all of their agreements with manufacturers of goods adorned with the art of Jimi Hendrix, as well as safeguarding their rights in all their transactions and overseeing the collection and distribution of royalties.

Aaron Burckhard

Musician and original Nirvana drummer

Musician Aaron Burckhard is a childhood friend of Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic and the very first drummer of the trio that was to become Nirvana, the ultimate grunge band and voice of a generation. Aaron grew up with Kurt and Krist, amongst other famous musicians of that era, in Aberdeen Washington. Aarron has been enjoying a renaissance of late due to the inclusion of five tracks he drummed on for the box set, With the Lights Out. He has many projects in the works including a book telling his life story as part of the music scene that spawned so much of the grunge movement. Osinski Law Offices PLLC serves as Aaron’s personal entertainment attorney for all such endeavors as well as overseeing the collection and distribution of his Nirvana royalties.