You are probably looking for a phone number right now, correct? But really, how often does a quick phone call get you any REAL help? You end up playing phone tag or talking to the answering service or receptionist who can’t answer any of your questions.

I do things a little differently in my practice so that you can get the help you need more quickly and efficiently. I am out of the office quite a bit working on behalf of my clients. You could say the computer and email are my real office. Which is why I’m always connected to my clients and able to be more responsive to their needs.

This being the case, the best way to see if I can be of service to you is to shoot me some information about your legal issue or inquiry using the form below. Your message will reach me directly by email. With the details you provide, I can give you a faster answer about how I can help and what the next steps are than most other legal offices.

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